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Streetwear Clothing Club

What is STBX™ Club?

Streetbox Club™, is the world's first exclusive streetwear club. We are a subscription based streetwear clothing and accessory brand, destined to bring exclusive designed premium streetwear right to your doorstep. STBX™ Club is intended for the streetwear aficionado who appreciates an exclusive, clean and refined, quality design.

The Discovery of A Streetwear Brand

The brainchild of Streetbox Club, tech entrepreneur and apparel designer Peter 'Street' Jr saw a gap in the streetwear industry and decided to fill it. “The main goal was to keep it exclusive, limited [the stbx collections] and refined. I also wanted to cut off the middleman [the retail stores] so we can pass on the savings directly to our members,” Street says.

As a passionate streetwear designer and entrepreneur, Street knew he needed to take it to the next level and fill this gap in the streetwear community. With the influence of his business peers and countless cups of coffee, he aimed to raise the bar higher than ever before. Street didn’t want to make just another streetwear brand, he wanted to make it exclusive: a family. Out of his passion, creativity and eye for detail, a streetwear club was born . . .Streetbox Club.


Story behind the streetbox dog

Turbo - our beloved company mascot and quite the possibly the friendliest pit bull you will ever meet. Turbo transcends the typical stigma of a pit bull which is what we represent as a streetwear brand. Streetbox™ breaks the stigma.
Streetbox Club
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